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About Me

Hi, Welcome to my studio.

I am MarieAnne, a maker,

an experimenter,

a teller of visual stories


I am a reader, a drinker of lapsang souchong tea and forever lover of water views, beaches and sunshine (and please don’t get me talking about chocolate).

My studio?

In Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alp region, my country of adoption

Where am I from?

Short answer – Mid Atlantic
Long answer – How much time have you got?


English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Cultural Influences?

Let’s start with Colombian mum & English dad. Lived in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the US, and currently Grenoble, France
=> Undeniable influences in my pieces and choice of colors/colours.


BFA, Florida Southern College
MFA, University of South Florida

Spelling? What? Are you kidding?

Nope – I do not have consistent spelling. I was schooled in the British system, then changed to the American one so there are some words that will be spelt/spelled in one or the other or both! That’s just my life

My motto?


Nuances of blue, nuances of yellow gold, nuances of green blue, plant art

Cyanotype - the dialogue between myself, plants, the sun and water

Detail of sumac wet cyanotype in nuances of blues, greens, gold and whites

Alternative photography, unique and original sunprints

Art that is dependent on the weather – the sun and the strength of the UV to finish off what we start.


Using surrounding plants with which to create unique marks.


Exactly my kind of thing.  Making choices and letting the sun do its part to finish the piece. Such a beautiful sensation

Marbling - the dialogue of what the hand starts and water finishes

A Water Journey Where the 'Canvas' is Water

Each unique piece is created by gently dropping paint with brushes, droppers, or whisks onto a tray filled with thickened water.

Instead of sinking or mixing, the colors float and expand to touch each other.


Technical gestures encounter the movement of water.

The stylus becomes the brush moving the paint.


Paper or fabric is placed very gently on the size, and in a matter of milliseconds, the artist’s thoughts are transferred to it, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

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